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Trial lesson

In this 30 minutes trial lesson we'll get to know each other a little bit more in order to set the plan and objectives for your course. Feel free to ask any doubt and be welcome to the Spanish academy!

Trial Lesson

Welcome to your Spanish course. By means of a simple conversation and some exercises your level will be checked and you'll get your Spanish plan where you'll know your objectives and each step of your course.

Spanish Lessons by Level

Choose your Spanish level and start our online Spanish course with classes that will be shaped for you individually in one to one lessons or by learning and speaking with other students who are in your same situation. Practice makes perfection, and you'll be speaking from day one!

A1 Lessons

Start your Spanish journey learning the vocabulary, grammar and expressions that will allow you to ask for and answer basic information. You will be able to talk about personal aspects, quantities, weather, routines and other vital topics for the daily life.

A2 Lessons

Continue your Spanish trip getting deeper into the past events and describing them in more detail. You’ll also be able to give orders and speak about different fields more freely as you increase all your vocabulary and start expressing your thoughts in a clear way.

B1 Lessons

In this part of your Spanish journey you’ll feel more self-reliant. You’ll talk about the past more precisely handling all past tenses. Your daily vocabulary to give opinions and express desires will grow, especially as you start using the subjunctive tense.

B2 Lessons

Continue your Spanish Journey.

C1 Lessons

Continue your Spanish Lessons.

C2 Lessons

Continue your Spanish journey.

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Take full advantage of the high quality lessons offered in the online academy from your home. At Estudio Spanish we are experts at using technology and the best online tools to bring to your home all the methods given in face to face lessons, but with the advantages of learning by online classes from your own room and comfort.



Get ready for your official Spanish certification!

We are experts at DELE and SIELE 

Daniel, as the director of the Estudio Spanish academy, has been helping successfully students from all over the world and all academic levels to get the official DELE certificate. At class, oficial sample tests like the ones used in the examination are used to prepare the candidates. 

Here, the student is examined to identify his weak points and turn them into his strong ones in order to feel confident for the oficial test.