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Countless of students from the whole world have already learnt Spanish and reached their objectives with us. Distance is no longer an obstacle for high quality language learning.

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In Estudio Spanish, we teach the pure, perfect language from Spain

As the academy's director of Estudio Spanish and teacher, Daniel was born and lives in Spain, and loves his language. Thus he teaches to all his students the authentic, majestic Spanish that will be loved to be heard in the whole world.

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Online lessons are our area of expertise. Learning Spanish online it's absolutely possible for all ages and levels at Estudio Spanish academy. Our successful experience backs us. Thousands of classes have been given to hundreds of students who have learned to speak in Spanish with confidence from home.




Spanish is the second most spoken language by native speakers in the world.

500 million speakers

Whether you want it for travelling, for family or for business, Spanish opens for you countless of opportunities around the world.

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In Estudio Spanish you'll transmit anything in Spanish with the rest of the World. 
Start Spanish lessons and learn from any level in our academy.
Or in if you need your project to be translated or transmitted into Spanish, order our translation, transcription or voice over services.





Trustworthy Professionals

At the Estudio Spanish you will only find high quality professionals who love what they do.

As the director's academy, Daniel was born and lives in the Northeast of Spain. As a native certified teacher and translator he loves to teach his students the perfect and pure Spanish language he has always spoken.

Daniel has created a Spanish study plan addressed to any academic level (from A1 to C2). But at the same time he adapts his plans to the personal needs of his students. He is organized and honest, but also friendly and makes learners to feel relaxed and comfortable at class.